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Synovialosarcoma of the Chest Wall: A Case Report of a Huge Rare Tumor

Introduction: Synovialosarcoma is a malignant tumor originating in soft tissues, its localization in the chest wall remains exceptional and has a reserved prognosis. The management depends on an early diagnosis and the contribution of the biopsy is often necessary to codify a therapeutic approach in multidisciplinary concertation associating a surgery of resection with a large margin and a radio-chemotherapy often successful in the literature. The majority of articles have specified an average survival of 45% at 5 years for thoracic sarcomas without any precise data for the thoracic parietal form. Our study is a description of a case of synovialosarcoma of the thoracic wall taken in charge in the unit of thoracic surgery of our hospital center and it have been described all the clinical data, paraclinical, therapeutic and evolutionary with a review of the literature. One case included in the study of a men with 45 years old, with no surgical or medical history, who presented a huge mass of the axillary region operated 5 months ago with a surgical removal. The evolution was marked by a recurrence of a huge mass painful without inflammatory signs in a context of conservation of the general health, and whose CT imaging showed a non-invasive soft tissue mass in endothoracic and without costal lysis. Without contraindication to general anaesthesia, the patient underwent a surgery of total removal of the mass without conservation of the invaded muscles, and directed wound healing was done with Vaseline greasy bandages with programming of a skin graft after 3 weeks and programming of radiotherapy after total healing of the skin. Chest wall is a rare localisation of Synovialosarcoma and surgery represents the main treatment associated to radiotherapy.

Chest Wall, Soft Tissue, Rare Tumor

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Maidi Elmehdi, Makloul Mouhsine, Ammour Fatimzahra, Ouchen Fahd, Hachmi Mohamed, et al. (2023). Synovialosarcoma of the Chest Wall: A Case Report of a Huge Rare Tumor. Advances in Surgical Sciences, 11(1), 14-16.

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Maidi Elmehdi; Makloul Mouhsine; Ammour Fatimzahra; Ouchen Fahd; Hachmi Mohamed, et al. Synovialosarcoma of the Chest Wall: A Case Report of a Huge Rare Tumor. Adv. Surg. Sci. 2023, 11(1), 14-16. doi: 10.11648/j.ass.20231101.13

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Maidi Elmehdi, Makloul Mouhsine, Ammour Fatimzahra, Ouchen Fahd, Hachmi Mohamed, et al. Synovialosarcoma of the Chest Wall: A Case Report of a Huge Rare Tumor. Adv Surg Sci. 2023;11(1):14-16. doi: 10.11648/j.ass.20231101.13

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